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Cannot Breathe After Every Meal

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Breathing Problems

Question: Cathy, (Singapore) April 9, 2009

Good Afternoon.

I'd like to ask in behalf of my boyfriend, we're both working here in Singapore. My boyfriend had gone through different doctors here regarding his problem with breathing since May last year, until now he's still having the same problem and it seems like the doctors who attended to him cannot figure out what's wrong. Mahirap po kasi ipaliwanang yung nararamdaman nya sa mga local doctors dito and we're not sure if it is asthma or something else. He was given medicine pero parang hindi naman po siya gumagaling. So we're worried na baka iba na po yung nararamdaman nya.

He's been having a hard time catching his breath every after meal or even just eating a piece of bread. It has been constant for the past few months.

I've searched online and read about breathing disorders and found vocal cord dysfunction, I'm not sure if its related to what he's feeling right now. Any advise?

Appreciate your help.

Thank you very much.


Hi Cathy,

If his breathing problem is related to eating, he may have a problem with his esophagus. The esophagus is the tube where food passes to get to the stomach. Some conditions like achalasia make swallowing so difficult and because the esophagus enlarges, breathing is affected. Another cause may be a hiatal hernia when a part of the stomach is displaced up into the chest making the patient feel the symptoms of reflux and difficulty of breathing. A more serious problem may be esophageal cancer where swallowing problems are very prominent although difficulty of breathing may not be very prominent in this disease.

My suggestion is to do an uppper g.i. endoscopy or a barium swallow to rule out these problems.

Thank you for your question,
Priscilla Sanchez
Medical Coordinator

Follow-Up Note from Cathy: (April 15, 2009)

Hi Priscilla,

Good day.

Thank you for the information, it is very helpful. We really appreciate it :)

I'm so glad to have chanced upon the ofwparasapamilya website, it feels good to know that you and your team are there to help us and our kababayans all around the globe.

More power to you all!

Many Thanks,

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