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Preventing Pimples

Medical Care:
Paano Maiwasan ang Pimples

Question: Grace, (Oman) April 27, 2009

Ano po ba makakatulong na vitamins para maiwasan ang pimples and maging maganda ang skin at pwede po i-take kc nagpipills po ako (althea pills). Thank you very much and God bless.



Dear Grace,

Avoiding and preventing acne can be accomplished by following a few simple steps.
--First is observing proper hygiene and keeping your skin clean by washing with a mild cleanser no more than twice a day. Over-washing can lead to breakouts.
--Avoid using harsh scrubs or alcohol-containing cleansers which can lead to dryness and irritation of the skin. If you do have breakouts, avoid popping them because this can cause further infection. A healthy and balanced diet precludes the need for vitamin supplements to prevent acne.
--Look for foods rich in vitamins A, B, and E, as well as zinc. These foods include green leafy vegetables, orange and yellow-colored fruits, whole grains, fish, eggs, and nuts.
--Avoid stress in your daily lifestyle if possible. A good way to reduce stress is through regular exercise.
--Your use of contraceptive pills is actually one way to help control skin breakouts, so continue using it.
If you have severe acne problems, it is still best to visit a certified dermatologist for better management and further advise on prevention strategies.

Thank you for your question.
Priscilla D. Sanchez M.D.
Medical Coordinator

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