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Pubic Hair

Medical Care:
Buhok sa Pribadong Bahagi ng Katawan ng Babae
(Pubic Hair)

Question: Yllana (Philippines), May 8, 2009

Meron po akong problema tungkol sa pribadong bahagi ng katawan ng babae. Dahil sa kagustuhan kong mapagbigyan ang aking asawa na ganahan lalo sa pagtatalik ay napagkasunduan po naming ahitin ang aking "pubic hair". noong una gandang ganda po akong tignan at naliligayahan ang aking asawa sa resulta pero habang nadadalas ang aking pag-alis nito sa pamamagitan ng pag-ahit ay naging sensitibo ang lugar na ito, naging makati ang bahagi na ito kapag may natubong buhok at kapag nangangati at aksidenteng nakamot ay naiirritate na ito na parang rashes. dahil sa problemang ito hininto ko ang aking pag-ahit pero nagsa suffer pa rin po ako sa pangangati ng lugar na aking naahit. ano po ba ang pede kong gawin? ano po ba ang mabisang gamot para dito? umaasa po ako sa inyong pagtugon.


Dear Yllana,

Thank you for your very unique question. Let me first commend you and your husband for your consideration of each other's preferences and for making this decision together as a couple.

First of all, pubic hair serves the function of keeping a layer of air between your genital area and your underwear. Removing all or even some of the hair means that you should wear underwear made of "breathable" material such as cotton or silk in order to prevent the irritation and itchiness that you were describing.

Secondly, there is a proper way of shaving off pubic hair. One method according to Howtogetridofstuff.com is as follows:
  1. Take a Long, Hot Bath - Soaking in hot water will soften up both your skin and hair. Gently exfoliate the area you are about to shave using a loofah or exfoliating pad to remove dead skin.
  2. Trim - Using either scissors or a trimmer, cut your pubic hair as short as you can. This will make shaving easier, shaving long hair will cause your razor to become clogged.
  3. Lubricate - Using hair conditioner (shaving creams and gels work, but conditioner works better), lather up the area to be shaved.
  4. Shave - With one hand pull the skin tight, with the other slowly and deliberately shave off your pubic hair moving in the direction of hair growth, not against. Always use a new razor each and every time you do this. Pubic hair is thick and will dull a blade after just one shave, and using a dull blade can be painful. Clean the razor after every stroke by repeatedly tapping it against the side or bottom of the bowl and then visually inspect it to make sure it's clean before continuing. If you need to go back over an area, first apply a fresh layer of lubricant.
  5. Post-Shave - After you’ve finished shaving, lightly rub an ice cube over the skin you shaved to close up your pores and then pat the area dry with a clean towel. Apply a unscented moisturizer to the area to help soothe the freshly shaved skin.
When you are first getting used to shaving, you should shave only once every few days – wait for the irritation from the last shave to heal before you shave again. With every successive shave, the irritation should lessen until it stops altogether. After shaving, wear a long shirt or boxer shorts to let the area breathe – only wear loose, breathable fabrics. You will find that a close shave will last anywhere from 1-3 days and will begin to itch as it grows back if you don’t shave it regularly. Not everyone has the skin for shaving, if you find that you have a real problem with irritation or ingrown hairs then you should consider a close trim instead. It will still look and feel clean but without all of the pain.

An alternative to shaving is waxing, the effects of which last longer. You can consult a spa or wellness center near you for details on this method.

I hope that this was helpful to you. Thank you again for your question.

Priscilla D. Sanchez, M.D.
Medical Coordinator


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