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Family Care:
Mga Sulat na Nagpapasalamat
(Acknowledging Your Thank You Letters)

From: Loyola (South Korea): December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas po! Salamat po sa inyong mga cards and mga messages na nakakatouch.... Parang napakasarap umuwi ngayong Pasko at makapiling ang mga mahal sa Buhay...Sa pagkakita ko ng mga cards at mga Belen's, napaluha kami, sa dahilang ngayon lang uling Pasko hindi kami makakauwi at makakapiling ang Pamilya...Pero katulad po ng mga messages nyo na maraming paraan, para makapiling sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-usap, pakikipag-chat, or skype ay makakasama din namin ang aming mga mahal sa buhay....Maraming salamat po! Mabuhay po kayo!


Maraming salamat din, Loyola, sa iyong sulat at sa iyong tangkilik sa website natin.


From: Kanaria 2448 (Canada): January 3, 2009

I have gone to the OFW Para Sa Pamilya website & I must say I find it so empowering & life giving. The stories & doctor's advice to individuals, who seek answers, live up to the motto of "Hindi ka nag-iisa. One Filipino. Never Alone." Viewing the website: its layout, colour scheme, photos, & individual stories has breathed life into what is merely a marker in the internet super highway. It is wonderful to know that in the midst of the speed of the internet rush, there is a time to take a moment - to breathe - in OFW PSP.

Visiting OFW PSP website is much like one speeding along down the highway. One needs to find a place to stop & rest. Driver glances @ the exit signs - food, exit 56; gas exit 68. Driver keeps going. Heritage site, exit 70. No, can go there next time. Waits for next exit.

Lodging, take the next exit. Ah! A possibility.

Driver takes the next exit. And what can be found? For some, a respite for tired eyes & weary muscles. Others, a mere stop for the long journey ahead. Still, for others, a new beginning to plant one's roots, start anew, leaving the life that once was. But for you....for you, this lodging is a place to rest your weary soul; a place of warmth & hearth, a place of belonging. A place to feel empowered to face the daily & often turbulent storms of life. A place to pose questions & get an answer. A respite. A place of stability. A place to be a part of something larger - a global family. To be a part of - not apart from - a family. A family not of strangers but of friends. A place to be you. Home. That's what OFW is. From what I have encountered that is the power of OFW.

Thank you to the website team, OFW staff, doctors, physicians, psychologists, specialists, for sharing your time, talents, resources, thoughts, & expertise. It is great to know that we are not just an insignificant one. We are ONE Filipino. Never Alone.


Wow, Kanaria! Thank you so much for your kind words. We are all inspired to know that YOU, as ONE Filipino, find the site to be exactly what it strives to be--a place where each of our Bagong Bayanis and their families can go to, wherever in the world you are and whatever time of day, and know: "Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa. One. Filipino. Never Alone."


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